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Set of Compost Preparations BD #502-#507

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This set of BD Compost Preparations BD #502-507 treats up to 15 tons of manure or compost. The set contains fermented and potentized Yarrow, Chamomile, Stinging Nettle, Oak Bark, Dandelion and Valerian that increase the proliferation of beneficial fungi and bacteria, stabilize nitrogen, attract trace elements and stimulate the silica, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and sulphur processes. Composition of the Biodynamic Compost Set

  • BD502 - Yarrow Preparation: Permits plants to attract trace elements in extremely dilute quantities for their best nutrition.
  • BD 503 - Chamomile Preparation: Stabilizes nitrogen (N) within the compost ; increases soil life so as to stimulate plant growth.
  • BD 504 - Stinging Nettle Preparation: Stimulates soil health, providing plants with the individual nutrition components needed. "Enlivens" the earth (soil).
  • BD 505 - Oak Bark Preparation: Provides healing forces (or qualities) to combat harmful plant diseases.
  • BD 506 - Dandelion Preparation: Stimulates relation between Silica (Si) and Potassium (K) so that Silica can attract cosmic forces to the soil.
  • BD 507 - Valerian Preparation: Stimulates compost so that phosphorus components will be properly used by the soil.

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